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Small business owners’ toughest battle is marketing. Well, maybe it comes easy for some, but there are whole marketing firms, agencies, etc. dedicated to marketing. You already have enough on your plate! 
We get stuck wondering things like, “Why can't I scale my business?” or “Why can't I reach my monthly goals?”
When you’re unsure of what to do, it’s hard to move forward. 
The good news is, you can easily bring order to the chaos by taking the guesswork out of your marketing plan. Become your own billboard or commercial. How can you do that? Promotional products! 
In this post, I’ll define promotional product marketing and provide 3 things to think about that will help you grow in 2024. I hope that this will give you a roadmap so you can get started with your marketing journey and increase your reach and visibility of your business. 

What is the perfect approach for using promotional products?

Utilizing every day wear and products and rebranding it to promote your business, service or brand.

In other words:
Taking every day items and branding them in order to keep your business in front of your target audience as much as possible. 
This means that the more your audience sees your logo, brand, message, etc. The more likely they will be to make another purchase or request your services again.
The added benefit is that they will refer another potential client to you!

The First Ingredient  

Promotional Products help with marketing woes that the small business owner may experience.
This is a crucial component, but only if you are choosing promotional products that engage your target audience. What does that even mean? Answer: if your product does not engage, invoke emotion or a memory, or is useful, it won't be any use to your client (and it may end up in the donation bin).
Many people who are new to promoting their business start out on the right track but then get stuck because of finances, motivation, or they don't realize there is a formula to getting your business there. 
And then they wind up getting frustrated, and give up.  
The key to promoting your business should be consistent and effortless. There is some hard work that should be done prior that will prevent a lot of lost revenue and missed referrals.

The Second Ingredient

Finding the right marketing materials or promotional products that keep your clients and referrals coming.
If you’ve spent hours reaching out to potential past clients but something still feels off – like you’re not getting results this is likely the piece that’s missing. 
Without this, you can make phone call after phone call or email after email and still not get the traction that you want for your business.​​ 
What can you do?
A really useful tool for keeping your clients coming back or keep your business at the forefront of their mind is market research.
What is your audience or clientele base really needing or what can you give them as a freebie? Can you also use these items in your own daily life? 

The Third Ingredient

Handpicked items that you know will make an impact.
Here’s where you’ll really start to shine! Finding the items that you know your clients will enjoy, use, pass on to someone else, and unknowingly use to promote your business! .
Of course, this is going to cost some money. Yup, it's yet another investment. But starting off small will pay off in the long run. Consider, smaller items like magnets, stickers, buttons, patches all branded with your logo. Now be warned, some of these items may end up in a drawer, in the depths od a backpack, etc. I encourage you to think outside the box when ordering items to promote your business. What can your client really use on a daily or at least weekly basis?
The other items that you can use to promote your business is:
  1. T-shirts 
  2. Reusable shopping bags
  3. Mugs and tumblers
  4. Pens
  5. Mouse pads, calendars, notebooks
  6. Hand towels

The options are endless! Almost anything can become a promotional product, once you slap your logo on it!

Once you’re done researching what will work for your budget and clients, you’ll be well on your way to getting those new referrals by increasing your brand visibility. 

Putting it All Together for Your Perfect Marketing Approach

There you have it! The 3 components of your perfect marketing approach using promotional products. 
It may sound like a lot, but like most things practice makes perfect. Just focus on some smaller inexpensive items that you can give to your clients as a freebie. This will help you increase your visibility and better your chances of gaining a long-term client and new referrals of course!

What’s next? 

If you need help getting started, we would be happy to help you with choosing some products that will keep your business in the light. Take a moment to fill out our inquiry form for more information and a quote!

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